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Westcoast USA Custom Travel Bags
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Est. 2008, We're proud to be a global leader specializing in the design, innovation and marketing of luggage and travel accessories.

your brand
come to life

Our manufacturing specialists are on hand to assist you. We work with private label brands for small to large scale production requests.


K.I.S.S.-Keep It Stylishly Simple. That's our motto when it comes to concept creation. We know you're the expert on the tone, look, and feel of what your end product will be. Fill in the details and we'll handle the rest!

The Process

You'll always be in the loop. Collaboration is our top priority, and we'll make sure your standards are met every step of the way. For each milestone hit we'll make sure you're 100% satisfied in every aspect. Nothing more, nothing less.  

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quality suitcases and Luggage Bags USA


We are a travel lifestyle company on a mission to inspire people to explore the world every day. Situated in the heart of Seattle, our products are as varied as the coasts, forests, and mountains you find in the great Pacific Northwest. From canvas totes and accessory bags for everyday living to travel backpacks and high quality luggage sets, Ardison strives to deliver the best. 


Our company name – Ardison – is forever linked to the West Coast lifestyle – a state of mind for travel and exploration. 


Today we are a global leader specializing in creating compelling travel solutions founded on our core principles of innovation, design, quality, and world exploration. 



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