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Brown Luggage

How it Works

Ardison Bags values simplicity, quality, and dependability. Our straightforward soft goods design and manufacturing method ensures dependable, personalized soft products of the highest quality while being cost-effective and timely. We are direct from factory to you, because of this our strength in international production ensures both low and high volume requests are met. With complete quality control and direct line communications to key decision makers, we guarantee the absolutely best quality and speed in delivering orders direct to you. 

Logo Design


We begin by knowing more about you and your business, including your requirements, expectations, and goals. Our products and OEM designs are developed to solve your problems with custom, fashionable, and affordable solutions you can rely on - all while staying within your budget and deadline.

Fabrics and Sketches


Design: With access to a wide range of materials ranging from designer textiles to foams, our team of professionals can design and engineer a fully customizable product in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Rapid Prototyping: Our rapid prototyping services, with quick turnaround times, will swiftly turn your design concept into a reality. 

Branding: We offer personalized branded products with everything from a logo to a color scheme and stitching.

Leather Purses

Products Offered

  • Backpacks

  • Camera bag

  • Carry-Ons

  • Computer bags

  • Duffel bag

  • Garment bag

  • Insulated lunch bags

  • Luggage Sets

  • Makeup Bags

  • Messenger bags

  • Padded

  • Pet Backpacks

  • Pet Carriers

  • Tote bags

  • Wallets

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